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In the late teens and early twenties, the third molars (wisdom teeth) begin to erupt in the mouth. The wisdom teeth are located at the back corners of your mouth (upper and lower). If the wisdom teeth don’t have room to grow in the mouth, impaction of the third molars may occur causing discomfort and further problems including teeth shifting, decay to adjacent molars, pericoronitis (tissue infection), cheek biting, and even cysts. 



Bacteria and food can become trapped under the gum and tissue resulting in infection and inflammation of the gums.

(Uncommon) cysts and tumors can occur in areas surrounding impacted wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth can cause damage to nearby teeth with cavities, gum disease, and future bone loss because the teeth are difficult to clean.

Wisdom teeth can put the pressure on other surrounding teeth which can cause crowding.

Wisdom teeth can cause biting of the cheeks causing sores in the mouth. 


Dr. David You has a sufficient amount of experience in removing wisdom teeth efficiently to ensure a comfortable experience.

We offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to ease any anxiety. Early removal of teeth can decrease any future surgical risk.

After removal of the wisdom teeth sometimes gums are sutured. Post-operative instructions and gauze are given along with a prescription for antibiotics and pain medication, as necessary.

Please give us a call, we look forward to providing you the best dental care!



Partial Bony Impaction

The upper portion of the tooth is partially erupted, but the wisdom tooth does not come in all the way.

Complete Bony Impaction

The tooth is completely encased in the jaw bone. 

Fully Erupted

Wisdom teeth are fully erupted, but it is difficult to clean.

Wisdom Teeth Removal: Services
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