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Whether it be due to decayed, stained, misshaped, broken, or poorly aligned teeth, we can improve your life by giving you a better and healthier smile. Furthermore, if you're having gap problems, gum disease, misalignment, or chipped teeth, our cosmetic dentistry has the solution to these problems. 

Among the large number of treatments offered by our dentist, you can find porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, direct composite bonding, gum recontouring, esthetic restorations, and more; all of them aiming to restore and enhance your smile in a familiar dental office, with gentle care and quality dental practice.

  • Personalized Teeth Whitening Trays

  • Porcelain Veneers

  • Direct Composite Bonding

  • Cosmetic Metal-Free Restorations

  • Gum Re-contouring/ Crown Lengthening 

Cosmetic dentistry at your disposal

Having the appropriate knowledge and expertise is essential to succeed with every dental cosmetic treatment. Dr. David You and our professional team are more than ready to give you the smile you want and need.

Are you ready to start?

Call us now to book your appointment with us today, our team will welcome you with warm hospitality!

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Teeth whitening is one of the most basic cosmetic treatments in the world. It's widely known for its quick and effective results, allowing you to have a brighter smile in just a few sessions.

There are several types of teeth whitening systems available in the market nowadays, from whitening gels applied in a dental office to customized whitening trays you can use at home.

At Calimesa Dental we recommend investing in a customized take-home whitening trays for several reasons: 

  • Less expensive yet similar results

  • Minimize teeth sensitivity by dividing up whitening sessions at your convenience

  • Teeth tend to discolor again with usage/time even after you whiten them. When this happens you can simply purchase our professional-strength whitening gels to re-whiten using your customized tray, instead of spending hundreds of dollars repeatedly on in-office whitening sessions

We are now a proud partner of Opalescence™, the leader in tooth whitening. Call now to try one of their leading products.

Although simple and effective, whitening requires healthy teeth and gums to guarantee the best results. You don't want to be whitening your plaque and calculus, nor take impression of them for your customized trays. We recommend having a dental checkup and cleaning prior to your whitening treatment.

Although it's one of the least expensive cosmetic treatment alternatives available, teeth whitening treatment can give you the change you needed

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Dental veneers are thin custom-made shells made from ceramic porcelain or composite that covers the front surface of your teeth. The materials from which they're made of allows them to resemble teeth color and transparency, providing a natural and realistic look that's undetectable to others.

To provide enough room for them, we need to remove a small portion of the enamel, about half a millimeter. Despite that, dental veneers are a conservative alternative to solve several cosmetic problems such as crooked teeth, strong stains, gaps between teeth, and other conditions. Once cemented, dental veneers adapt smoothly into the teeth surfaces to change their shape, size, color, and length.

Image by Natalia Barros


Dental bonding is a procedure that uses a tooth-colored and durable resin that hardens with a special light to replace and repair any surface of your teeth. During this process, we clean the tooth, prepare the tooth's surface, and bond the material to restore the function and appearance of the tooth.

Dental bonding it's one of the most crucial procedures in cosmetic dentistry. Thanks to this procedure, we can repair decayed, fractured, chipped, and mis-shaped teeth. Also, it provides an esthetic alternative to other fillings like amalgams with natural results.

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If you're constantly concerned about your smile due to decay or dark fillings in your teeth, you may be a great candidate for composite resins.

A silicon dioxide-filled, tooth-colored resin mixture, composite resins can reinstate teeth to a healthy and attractive condition.

Some of the other advantages include better insulation against temperature changes (less sensitivity), and the chemical bonding between the tooth and composite lowers the risk of tooth fracturing as compared to traditional silver fillings (amalgam). 

Another significant feature of composite resins is that it allows better retention of your natural tooth structure as compared to amalgams (silver fillings). We are a proponent of conservative dentistry – the more natural tooth structure you keep, the healthier teeth you’ll likely have in the future.

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Gum recontouring is a treatment solution to gums that are too low or too high, giving the impression of long and short teeth. This problem can occur due to wrong brushing techniques, some diseases, and certain prescription drugs.

In some cases, the recession of the gums can lead to other oral problems, including decay and tooth loss. Often, the esthetic need is what drives the need for recontouring procedures of the gums. With these procedures, we can shape the gum to the desired contour.

Among these cosmetic treatments, the crown lengthening procedure allows us to prepare the tooth, making enough room to work on the tooth surface. Crown lengthening can allow us to save otherwise a non-restorable tooth or to enhance the appearance of your smile. 

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